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Church Splits


Question: “What is the cause of church splits? How can healing occur after a church split?”

Answer: Divisions that lead to church splits are a sad and all-too-common occurrence in the body of Christ. The effects of a church split, regardless of the cause, can be devastating. Church splits distress and dismay mature believers, disillusion new believers, cause havoc in the lives of pastors and their families, and bring reproach upon the name of Christ. But there is hope; churches that split can experience healing and restoration.

Churches are like hospitals, full of wounded and sick people, but in the church the sickness is sin and the wounds are those we inflict upon ourselves and one another because of sin. One sin that causes multiple problems is a lack of forgiveness. No Christian is perfect, and no pastor or elder or deacon is perfect. When all these imperfect people get together, disagreements, hurt feelings and misunderstandings are inevitable. If our expectations of others are too high, disappointment is inevitable and can cause further feelings of hurt and resentment. Our response to one another should be to forgive one another in kindness and compassion (Ephesians 4:32Colossians 3:13) and in Christian love, which covers a multitude of sins, followed by an increased commitment to serve one another (1 Peter 4:8-11). Once we are committed to forgiving, loving and serving one another, we will see each other’s differences in a new light. But if we react to differences of opinion by taking sides and gossiping, the split will widen, more harm will be done to the church members, and our message to the world will be further compromised.
A church split may happen when someone seeks to manipulate people and/or events for his own ends. It may be that there is pride in rule-keeping, and those who do not keep the same rules are ill-treated. It may be that a pet interpretation of doctrine is emphasized and used as a litmus test for belonging to the “in” group. Or, it could be that someone wants to wrest leadership from the pastor or elders and rallies a group of people around himself to accomplish a coup d’état. Sadly, difference of opinion regarding music and worship style is also a frequent cause of division in the church. The excuses for the conflict are numerous, but they all stem from the same root cause—pride and selfishness. James 4:1-3 says, “What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? You want something but don’t get it. You kill and covet, but you cannot have what you want. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.”

Also to be considered is that not all who sit in church week after week are truly Christians. Not all who name the name of Christ belong to Him, a truth He made clear in Matthew 7:16-23. We can identify both the true and the false by the fruits they produce. True Christians show forth the fruit of the Spirit who indwells them (Galatians 5:22-23), while the tares among the wheat sow discord and dissension. We need to be on guard for those the enemy places among us and exercise both wisdom and discernment, utilizing church discipline when necessary (Matthew 18:15-20) and speaking the truth in love in all things (Matthew 10:16Ephesians 4:15).

Ultimately, the church is only as strong as its individual members, which is why Paul admonishes the church in Rome to behave decently, “not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and jealousy” (Romans 13:13). Church members are influenced daily by an immoral culture, and one hour a week in church is wholly inadequate to counter the culture. The church is so influenced by secular culture that we think, talk and act in its image, instead of in the image of our Head, the Lord Jesus. The world’s standard is one of self-promotion, self-esteem, and self-worship, and other people have value only insofar as they are willing to idolize us the way we idolize ourselves. Such an attitude always leads to “dissension and jealousy,” the inevitable results of worshipping the god of self. The cure is found in Titus 2:11-13: “For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. It teaches us to say ‘No’ to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, while we wait for the blessed hope—the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.” God’s grace, shed upon those who belong to Him through faith in Christ, enables us to deny worldly passions, put away immorality and live in godly humility toward one another: “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves” (Philippians 2:3).

Church splits are healed through repentance and humility. If there is disagreement, the best would be for both sides to repent of anything said or done in an unloving manner during the disagreement. Repentance includes seeking forgiveness from the party offended by another’s behavior. In humility, each should accept the other’s apology, committing to go forward in the bonds of Christian love.

There is one particular case where leaving a group would be appropriate. If the leadership of a church abandons scriptural stands on key issues like the deity of Jesus Christ, the virgin birth, God as Creator, the inspiration and authority of Scripture, or other foundational doctrines, then it is appropriate (and perhaps obligatory) to leave that group.

The causes of divisions in the church are many, but ultimately the main reason for a church split is that someone has taken his focus off of Jesus Christ and begun to use the church organization for his own ends. The church is to be more organism (living thing) than organization. The apostle Paul uses the analogy of the body to describe the church. In 1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12, he calls the church the body of Christ. We are to be the body which does the will of the Head, Jesus Christ. If everyone in the body is focused on doing the will of God and on worshipping Jesus Christ in love and humility, then there may be disagreement, but the disagreement will be worked out in a loving and appropriate manner.

Recommended Resource: Firestorm: Preventing and Overcoming Church Conflicts by Ron Susek

Akurinu Skating Club




This sport might perhaps be the most complex sport in distinguished competition because  a lot of skills is required from participant no matter the category as from the list below:


  • Ice Skating
  • Roller Skating
  • Speed Skating
  • Tour Skating
  • Skate boarding


From the above list the available form of skating in our country are Roller Skating, Road Skating and Ice Skating in Panari Hotel.

The Akurinu Skating Club was founded by Peter Joel Mushkina in the year 2012. It has been great because most of the Akurinu religion embraced it and so far we have branded our uniforms with logos on them. We have been participating in several Championships like Machakos Championships, Kilifi Championship, Nairobi national Championship and many others.

We have won several medals and also cash given for participants.


Roller Skating has been famous among the Akurinu Skating club being ranked top with the best talents personnel.

The sport has no age limit anyone can participate in it.

As a skater you must wear protectives like reflector, knee guards & helmets .


Akurinu Skating Club has so far been giving back to the community by visiting several children homes and sharing with them also those interested in sports have been training and coaching them. We also offer classes’ private and public lesson for whoever is interested. If you would like to enroll for classes kindly contact us:


Phone No: 0703878357/0715763675-Joel Mushkina

Facebook account: Akurinu Skating Club

Email address:


Soon will be introducing ice-skating in Panari Hotel with the Akurinu skating club you are all welcome.



  1. “MUROTI”

Jusufu Ng’ang’a was the first “muroti” to be called by God in Kenya. He was born in the year 1881 in Gatundu village. He was called and filled by the Holy Spirit in the year 1922.


Jusufu Ng’ang’a was a skilled quarry worker from “Ambui” clan and extended “Magana” family. God had told him that he had to die for the sake of Kenya as a country but more so for the “Aroti” church.


After the calling of Jusufu Ng’ang’a, his was ordained for God’s work with two other men namely; John Mung’ara and Samuel Muinami. They were then sent to Ngabuiya village to pray for and ordain Musa Thuo wa Chege, anointed him and dressed him in a “Naibera”.


Jusufu Ng’ang’a had been ordained and filled so much with the Holy Spirit such that when he was praying or singing his feet stuck to the ground to a point that he had to be “uprooted” because of the power and might of the Holy Spirit. Most of the times he travelled he was seen “accompanied” by seven angels. In Kandara village people experienced the mighty work of God through him.


Long before Jusufu Ng’ang’a was called and ordained by God, dreamers had dreamt a lot that when the Whites (Colonizers) start seeing locals tying head scarfs (turban) then they should know that that country will not be theirs anymore. Those dreams and visions were dreamt and foreseen by a woman residing abroad. The Whites kept on waiting for that prophesy to pass and it definitely came to pass in the year 1930 because it was the year that more and more “Aroti” arose in Kenya.


The three men were then sent to the house of Makumi to ordain his son Samueli Thuku wa Gathumuri. They had been told to accept develop the church and had been ordained to pray for our country Kenya.


When the Whites saw to it that the Aroti are becoming more and more each day, they planned on ways of eliminating them entirely. They first settled on and planned the killing of the first three namely; Jusufu Ng’ang’a, John Mung’ara and Samueli Muinami.


In the year 1934, the Whites found them in the valleys of River Ndarugo at nine in the morning. They were shot altogether. The last to die was Jusufu Ng’ang’a because he died at 3 P.M. Before he died he sang the song “Nyumiriirwo ni mugambo umiite iguru”.

  1. A FEW LEFT…

After the death of the first three, Musa Thuo and Samueli Thuku remained strong. The preached amidst rebellion and great difficulties and many people were ordained to become “Aroti” through the Holy Spirit. In those days many of them were greatly used by the Holy Spirit and made it possible for them to convert many who in turn wore white turbans. The Whites were very much irritated by this but through the power of God; the good work of the Lord prevailed. Samueli Thuku was the first “Muroti” to have a wedding ceremony according to how the Lord had revealed to them through the Holy Spirit.


God warned the Aroti against taking medication because the Whites were the medics and could intentionally kill the Aroti by administering wrong dosage. Even the children of Aroti were told not to attend schools for they could be vaccinated with wrong medicines because the Whites were the doctors and teachers.


After Kenya gained its independence, many Aroti separated and denounced Musa Thuo especially in 1964 because he started mobilizing Aroti to start taking medication and take their children to school. His move was very wise and Godly because the Whites had stopped ruling. Musa Thuo was framed that he had allegedly joined the Kikuyu Central Association.


When Musa Thuo mobilized Aroti to start going to hospitals and schools, fellow leaders defected starting with Joshua Mburu, Samueli Thuku, Jeremiah Mutu, Jasani Kanini, Henry Maina, Isaiya Kirika, Joseph Mburu and Daniel Nduti.

After defection, Joshua Mburu, Jasani Kanini and Samueli Thuku each formed his own denomination namely Kiratina, Kamukabi and Kahiriga respectively.


Musa Thuo was sent by God to bring together all those who had defected and that all their denominations to be merged. When he requested the defectors so, they refused, rebuked him and tarnished Musa Thuo’s name.


God lastly brought together all the defectors and Musa Thuo in the home of Samueli Thuku in the year 1972. Two leaders were missing and they were Joshua Mburu and Hezron Thumbi.

A man by the name Obed Gucu had a vision of the string of a guiter dropping from above because the leaders refused to come to a conclusion and merge. Obed Gucu was the first to die that very year 1972, followed by Musa Thuo who died in 1975, Joshua Mburu died in 1979 and they went on dying. Samueli Thuku died in 1980 and Jeremiah Mutu died recently in 1995.


From the day Musa Thuo died the house he was living in at the Kaguthi church headquarters has never been entered or opened by anyone till today. A swarm of bees reside at the door and they put off anyone who tries to access the house.


There have been instances where several people, due to curiosity, who has tried to access the house bit end up killed by lightning and thunderstorms. A man by the name Jackson went with fire to chase away the bees but he was chased away by lightning and thunderstorms. A man by the name Johana went with smoke to drive away the bees so as to enter and see what is kept inside the house. At that particular moment the voice of the Lord said that he (Johana) has killed the solders of God and because of that four of his children had to die. And before the morning reached, for of his children were dead.

A little later a false prophet came claiming that he is God sent to enter the house of Musa Thuo but he never succeeded for he was chased away by lightning and thunderstorms. Musa Thuo’s house amazes many Aroti and no one knows what resides within.


In the year 1974, God brought together all the leaders at the home of Jeremiah Mutu in Giitura Village Murang’a. God revealed to Peter Kigera wa Kuria from Kangima Ihigaiini village that “this kingdom” has been given to a small tribe and that God does not want to be persuaded by prayer. When morning came all the men took their bags and left. The leaders who were revealed the way of wearing turbans were Phillip M. Mukubwa, Jasani Kanini, Henry Maina and Lilian Njeri. In the year 1927 is when they had been told to climb M.T Kenya as they came from the home of Jeremiah Mutu where Joshua Mburu was living who lead Kiratina.


As they headed for M.T Kenya, Njeri was told by the Holy Spirit of God to remove all their earrings, necklaces and rings and throw them in River Nyamindi.


The Holy Spirit told them not to close their eyes during prayer. Before they reached the mountain they had prayed a total number of fourteen times. That is where they were told that during prayer men should raise up their hands whereas women position their hand in a receiving manner.


As they progressed with the journey they spotted angels in front and behind them. The angels in front sang “Niekundongoria mwathani” while the angels behind sang “Thiii athigari a Jehova Ngai”. On reaching the mountain they found an extremely beautiful house not built by a human made by glass alone. On entering they found cooked food of all types. They ate and immediately slept for they were so tired and the house was very warm.


During the night at 3 A.M, water was brought in a pot and told to drink. No one could finish a full glass of it for the water was too cold. Only Jasani did it. At that same hour the angels of God started them off with the song “Jesu ni muriithi”. At those times Henry Maina had been gifted in singing, he had been commanded never to get married but as soon as they climbed down the mountain he fornicated and got married. A prophet was sent and told him that the gift has been withdrawn from him and given to Daudi Ikigu from Gathumuri.

In that moment God told them to always remember that day because it was the day that God spoke with them all those things.


In those days God taught them how to build a prayer place. The alter should be at the front and the seats of witnesses and the congregation and the demarcation between seating arrangements of men and women and the behaviors of men and women and young men and young ladies and boys and girls. Everything was taught on the mountain of how the worship place was to be maintained. And concerning the white dressing, white robes and white turbans was all taught on the mountain.


Of the things God revealed to them, the most amazing was that from 3 A.M to 9 A.M Lillian Njeri was seen wearing a “Gacuka” but when 9 A.M reached the “Gacuka” disappeared. They were told by God that for the married women they should be wearing a “Gacuka” from 6 A.M in the morning so that God may fulfill His promises with them.



Ihoya makirwo marihoyaga na njira tau u:

Twathaitha riitwa riaku Ngai na Roho na Jesu Kristo mukuri wiitu(maita matatu).

Ithe witu wa iguru(maita matatu).

Muhoi agacoka akahoya ciugo ihana uu:

Olifa na Omega, Njata theru ya ruciini tene, muruthi wa juda na murita wa mbari ya daudi.

Agacoka akoiga ciugo ici.

We ugocagwo ni Akerubi na Aserafi na ciumbe inya i muoyo na athuri mirongo iri na ana mekirite thumbi ikuhenia makoiga wimutheru! Ningi wi kihoti wi kihoti.

Muhoi agacoka akoiga uria ekwenda kwira ngai.

Arikia kuheana ihoya akoiga ciugo ici

“Baba ni twitikaga mugambo waku oriria witwitaga kwenda-ini gwaku na kwa roho na kwa Jesu mukuri witu(maaita matatu). Andu makarikia kuhoya othe agacoka akoiga ciugo ici,”Ngai baba uria utuite nigutuike uguo kwenda-ini gwaku na kwa Roho na kwa jesu mukuri witu(maita matatu)

Agacoka akoiga ciugo ici,

”Ngai baba turathime kwenda-ini gwaku na Roho na kwa Jesu Kristo mukuri witu(maita matatu).

Arikia akoiga

Maigana maiganithioni Ngai na Roho na Jesu Kristo mukuri witu(riita rimwe)

Muhoi akarikia kuhoya.


Muthenya ucio wa kiumia meritwo mainage nyimbo ici ithatu na itikanagwo kuinwo. Nyimbo icio nacio ni ici:

  • Gukwirwo atia umuthi
  • Niakuire muti-ini Jesu munguri
  • Muthenya wa gikeno muthenya wa utheri

(Nyimbo cia Atumwo: 183, 184 na 8)


O kiumia kimwe nimeritwo makahurukaga mithenya iri Jumaa na Kiumia. Matikanarute wira ona uriku magaikara makirutaga uhoro wa Ngai na kwiruta nyimbo na kuhoya. Mambiriria thaa ithatu muthenya na thaa thita na thaa kenda.


Ngai amathire niguo mahoyagire bururi uyu. Nimagaikara meyamuranitie na andu aria angi na gwitheria maingi maingi.


Nimerirwo nigugacokwo kirima-ini iguru gia Kirinyaga ni Abisinia ona Agikuyu na maheirwo mabuku maya.

Ezekieli 16:1-9

Ezekieli 2:1-17

Malaki 3:1-18