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Akurinu Skating Club




This sport might perhaps be the most complex sport in distinguished competition because  a lot of skills is required from participant no matter the category as from the list below:


  • Ice Skating
  • Roller Skating
  • Speed Skating
  • Tour Skating
  • Skate boarding


From the above list the available form of skating in our country are Roller Skating, Road Skating and Ice Skating in Panari Hotel.

The Akurinu Skating Club was founded by Peter Joel Mushkina in the year 2012. It has been great because most of the Akurinu religion embraced it and so far we have branded our uniforms with logos on them. We have been participating in several Championships like Machakos Championships, Kilifi Championship, Nairobi national Championship and many others.

We have won several medals and also cash given for participants.


Roller Skating has been famous among the Akurinu Skating club being ranked top with the best talents personnel.

The sport has no age limit anyone can participate in it.

As a skater you must wear protectives like reflector, knee guards & helmets .


Akurinu Skating Club has so far been giving back to the community by visiting several children homes and sharing with them also those interested in sports have been training and coaching them. We also offer classes’ private and public lesson for whoever is interested. If you would like to enroll for classes kindly contact us:


Phone No: 0703878357/0715763675-Joel Mushkina

Facebook account: Akurinu Skating Club

Email address:


Soon will be introducing ice-skating in Panari Hotel with the Akurinu skating club you are all welcome.